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There is no doubt that iTunes is a beautifully-crafted music organizer, especially if you share the music collection on your computer with various portable Apple devices. Regrettably, its lack of true organizing and editing capabilities can be unnerving sometimes. And here is where a tool like Tune Sweeper comes into play. This excellent iTunes manager will help you keep your local and cloud-based music neatly organized at all times. Get rid of unnecessary duplicates and missing tracks, add missing artwork and useful metadata to your tracks, or simply enjoy some attractive statistics about your music preferences. Tune Sweeper offers you all of this features in a simple yet efficient user interface.

Searching for duplicate files is probably the program’s main feature, and it performs this task in a fast, reliable, and attractive way. The search can be as broad or as narrow as you wish – you can tell the program to check not only the title of the track, but also the artist, the track number, or the album it belongs to. In this world of edits, remixes, and whatnots, not all tracks labeled as duplicates by the program will be true duplicate files, and that is why it will never remove any track from your iTunes collection without your validation. The program will give you hints about the tracks that should stay and the ones that should go, but you can add your own criteria to the program’s automatic decisions – you can tell it to mark those with the highest quality, the longest duration, the latest or the oldest addition to the list, etc. Either way, it is always you that is in full control of your iTunes library.

Tune Sweeper can also help you to add value to your music collection. It can look up for missing artwork for you, download it and add it to your albums and tracks automatically. Here the possibilities of getting the wrong cover increase exponentially, especially if the metadata of your music tracks “offer ample room for improvement”, just to put it mildly. Here Tune Sweeper can also be of great help, as it can check for missing tracks, and – most important – missing metadata and wrong track information on your audio files. Thus, I would recommend you to give a try to the “Fix Track Info” tab before launching the “Missing Artwork” task – this will reduce the possibility of downloading the wrong album art significantly.

Finally, two more interesting functions worth mentioning. First, the program is also capable of finding those tracks that you thought you had in your iTunes collection, but whose associated audio files are nowhere to be found. It will remove all these empty entries from your iTunes library efficiently and for good. Second, the iTunes statistics. Probably not one of the program’s main assets, but it is certainly an interesting value-add for an already comprehensive utility. Here you can see – in graphical form – your most-played artists, the genres you like most (as if you didn’t know that already!), the years in which the music on your library was released, etc. Not the feature that will make you run and buy Tune Sweeper right away, but this is certainly a neat add-on to a program that needs none to be worth trying and buying. If you are an experienced iTunes user you will know by now the massive benefits that a tool like Tune Sweeper can add to your music library, and how much you need it.

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  • Adds useful extra functionality to your iTunes library
  • Tidies up your music collection and any Apple device connected to it
  • Clean and clear tabbed interface
  • Simple yet powerful and efficient


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Megan Price
Great iTunes cleanup software. Removed tons of duplicates for me and downloaded missing artwork.

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Mike Barrett
Love this program! It cleaned up lots of duplicates in my iTunes and found all my missing cover art and track data.

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